About us

At Sparkle Stays we aim to deliver the highest quality accommodation paired with top customer service with an attentive host that will answer any queries you have at any time of day. 

 Originally from Malaysia, I have come to the UK to further my education in Materials Engineering many years ago. I fell in love with this country and decided to stay and pursued a career in engineering which has allowed me to travel to many countries both for business and leisure. During these travels I had the opportunity to stay in different serviced accommodations around the world and enjoyed the experience where I get to sometimes meet and talk to the hosts. So in 2021 after the pandemic which has seen to the closure of many serviced accommodation business, I have decided to contribute to this beautiful hospitality industry by providing serviced accommodations which are a good balance of affordability with good quality service, communication, and cleans. 

Thanks for your time in visiting this page and I look forward to hosting you! test


No pets, smoking indoors or house parties. Noise to be kept to a minimum after 9pm.